First Post: Welcome!

This blog is an experiment that is designed to make me keep my own research on track.

What I hope to do: I hope to study the mathematics of

1. Embeddings of circles and arcs into 3-space; I am interested in those that are NOT the result of a smooth map.
2. Embeddings of the real line into open 3-manifolds: these beasts are lines embedded in such a way that the infinities of the real line goes to the ends of the manifolds.

I’ll say more in my next post; here are some objects of interest.





One thought on “First Post: Welcome!

  1. Excellent article (though I need to study it many more times to get the full value.) I am most interested in learning how to draw knots (using SVG or the Batik package in Java. Suppose I have a bunch of (random) Bezier curves intersecting nicely (self, and with others), how do I draw them on the computer so that the intersections are under/over alternately as you have done in your knot?

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